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  • Why do you produce in India?
    I didn't really choose this, it was what happened naturally. When I went to India for a yoga retreat, I started a completely new journey and discovered these wonderful products and natural colours. So I decided to work with them. My partner in India for the Ayurvestra Collection has studied these colouring and weaving techniques for 20+ years and works with goverment-protected weaving villages. My partner for the pashminas has a great passion for this art form and many of the people making these scarves are his family members. It is a craft that has existed for 400+ years. So it's only fair to keep the art form at its birthplace and work together. I think we as humans should help each other rise. Giving honest work to people from places that have more economic difficulties is a beautiful thing to do. We are all a part of this world, unified together. We are responsible for every soul and we can help each other grow. We also have some products that are produced in Belgium such as the organic wool headbands and the Self beauty products.
  • Why do you choose organic cotton?
    Because one of my great desires (I have many :-)), is to create beautiful products that do not harm nature. Nature is where we come from and where we go back to, and it is so rich in beauty. Regular cotton takes what nature gives us (cotton) and then spoils it with many chemicals. I don't understand that. It's bad for our health and the health of nature. Organic cotton, however, doesn't use any chemicals or bleaching methods. It is a pure product.
  • How are the products coloured?
    The pashminas are coloured using plant-based dyes. Depending on the colour, we use a mixture of berries, plants and herbs to create a specific colour. The Ayurvestra Collection is coloured using Ayurvedic spices. Find out more in this overview:
  • Will the colours fade over time?
    Yes, just like other coloured products. It all depends on how you treat your products. Sunlight makes colours fade quicker, heavy-duty washing products are brutal on fabric and colouring and so on. We always advise the use of a natural washing product.
  • Why is there a difference in colour from the image or other similar products?
    All products are handmade and naturally coloured. That means there can be a difference in colour with the image online or even the products you've already received. Every product is unique and although we aim to produce the same colour scheme for every product, we cannot guarantee it.
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