We start the summer with a limited offer: the amazing SELF-sunscreen and 5 gorgeous blue beach towels!


As you know, all the Ayurvestra products are made from organic cotton, are hand-woven and naturally coloured with Ayurvedic spices. Making them gentle for your skin & nature. And they are very light and dry soooo quickly.


This is the sunscreen everybody should have! It is made with 100% vegan ingredients, soft on the skin, absorbes very quickly and moisturizes. The SPF30 sunscreen provides optimal protection from the sun while restoring moisture balance for your skin. The sunscreen was developed for sensitive skin but can by used by any skin type. And is great for kids too (ask my 3,5 years old niece!). It is a gentle, water-resistant sun milk that protects against UVA and UVB-rays. Good for your skin & good for nature since it does not affect sea life and is reef-friendly. 


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    Size: 100cm x 190cm or 39" x 74"

    The towels are gentle and all natural, with respect for nature and human kind. They are made from handwoven organic cotton colored with Ayurvedic spices. They are very light and dry quickly. 

    Check out the colour chart here to get to know more about the spices used for each color.


    150 ml

    SPF30 sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB-rays.

    100% vegan ingredients. Halal certified.

    Soft on the skin.

    Absorbes very quickly and moisturizes.

    Developed for sensitive skin.

    100% safe for children, pregnant women and patients receiving chemotherapy

    Does not affect sea life and is reef-friendly. 

    Water-resistant and pH neutral.