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Your body is the environment and the environment is your body.


Living a zero-waste lifestyle requires a mind shift: that's a fact. Most of us have been brought up with such a disposable way of living, a single-use way of living. It's become so ‘normal’ that the new normal - a zero-waste lifestyle - seems pretty odd, like you are going against the tide. And that's exactly what most of the changes the world is demanding of us today are about: going against the tide. Reversing the damage we've caused. Like I said in my interview with Anaïs: we are gambling with nature. And we will lose. But you know what: we, every individual, can take action and choose differently. That is the beauty of it. And I am here to help and learn with you. Click here for a downloadable eco-friendly list of sustainable alternatives for day-to-day products. Send me a message if you have other alternatives, or any thoughts on how to live more kindly for the planet we are blessed to walk on so I can add it to the list.




I love the shifts Rita makes happen in her life, where she may be welcomed for the first time as ‘the strange lady that brings her own box’ but evolves into ‘the nice lady that helps reduce waste and save money’. We can all learn from each other, right. If you notice you're in a place that seems unaware of the waste they produce, play the ‘Rita game’ asking them: “Did you know you can reduce this waste by …?” It's a friendly way of sharing your knowledge and helping others to do better too.


And don’t forget to be kind to yourself. We learn step by step. There is still so much room for improvement on my part too. Every day I try to stay aware of my actions and learn at my own pace.


Listen to the full interview for all the nice tips and insights that Rita gives so you can live a more zero-waste lifestyle. On YouTube the video is time-stamped if you would like to switch to your favourite part.

With love & without waste,



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Connect with her via #Rita.Rose_ on Instagram.

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