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Never use the essential oil directly on your skin or on the area of the mask you put on your eyes. Since it is concentrated, it is very strong. Place to part where you have put the essential oil away from the eyes. The part of fabric where essential oil was not added to the inner pouch can go on the eyes.

All-natural eye mask 

The eye mask is made from handwoven organic cotton coloured with Ayurvedic spices (spices used in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian science often referred to as ‘the mother of all healing’). The pouch inside  the mask is filled with tulsi seeds and can be removed so the outer mask can be washed easily.

The eye mask comes with a protective travel pouch, as well as a bottle of essential oil. The pouch is handwoven from dried leaves. The essential oil is a blend to release stress. The composition changes based on availability but can be a blend of of vetiver, lavender, myrtle and geranium; or lavender, cinnamon, citradora, basil and galangal.

Only the outer mask can be washed. It is machine-safe; however, we advise cold water and a natural washing powder. The inner pouch containing the tulsi seeds is not washable.

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